Developing Art Appreciation, Part I

Developing Art Appreciation, Part I
There is a running joke among artists. When someone asks you how long it took to make [whatever item it is that they’re referring to], tell them “it took me [however many years you’ve been honing your craft]”. But, as with many jokes, there is a funny-sad side to this saying. As human beings, our tendency is to only we see what is right in front of us and treat that as all that there is to it. I invite you to shift your thinking by doing the following exercise over the next few days. Every time you buy or use something, think about the chain of people that were involved in conceiving of, making and bringing that item to you. Good art isn’t magic, it takes hard work, persistence, study and experimentation to manifest something beautiful or something that is easy to use. Too often, people attribute artists who are good at their craft with “being talented”. In reality, these people have spent thousands of hours to hone their skills.

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