Developing Art Appreciation, Part II

Developing Art Appreciation, Part II
In his book entitled “Outliers”, Malcom Gladwell states that it usually takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to “master” something. If one works at something forty hours per week, that translates to nearly five years. Examples of masters that he cites in his book include the Beatles, Bill Gates and Babe Ruth. Gladwell talks about the circumstances that factor into someone becoming a master. For example, the Beatles played nearly every night for several years in clubs in Europe before they were “discovered”.
So the next time you see an art item, whether it be a painting, pottery, etc, instead of asking the artist how long it took for them to create it, I invite you to ask “how long have you been developing your artistic skills?” Then, consider asking the artist about the process he or she went thorough to create the item. By doing so, you may spark a very interesting dialogue with the artist that gives you a new appreciation for that person’s path and the creative process.

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