Risk and Creativity

When seeking to explore a new area, it is important to learn the basics first and to exercise patience. My nephew is a rock climber. Last year, he climbed the face of Half Dome in Yosemite National park with some friends. Before attempting such a feat, for many months he studied the various techniques and learned the jargon of the trade. He invested in an array of proper safety equipment. He climbed smaller rocks near his home on a regular basis. He listened to more experienced rock climbers. When climbing, he was extremely focused. However, even though he is incredibly strong and very capable, he has the wisdom to clip onto a safety rope when climbing. Yes, rock climbing is risky, but approached with forethought and care, he can enjoy the beauty and thrill of being on the face of a massive granite rock looking down at a beautiful valley – somewhere that very few people have been.

In aspiring to be creative, there are several things we can learn here. First, we need patience. Then, we need to seek out the advice and wisdom of those that have come before us and have more experience. We need to be humble enough to admit we don’t know everything. Then, we need to master the basics and build our skills. We need to equip ourselves with the right tools. Last, we need to surround ourselves with people we can trust to be there to catch us if we fall. Ultimately, if we are to grow, we need to challenge ourselves to go where we are stretched to our limits.

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