The Descendants – Getting Away Staycation

Sonya Edwards, Plein Air Painting - Belden Town, Feather River

This weekend, we watched the movie The Descendants. It showed a different view of life on the islands. This family suffers as a result of the mother being in a boating accident and her husband finding out something that was hidden from him, and that makes her impending death even more tramatic. It highlights the fact that living in a place is very different from visiting there. Kauai is a very green and lovely island. It is easy to relax there. However, if you’re one of the residents, your experience of life is different. Is it realistic to think we can retain a vacation-like, carefree attitude no matter where we live?

Since the economy went into the toilet, a lot of us have learned to “staycation”, that is, to take our vacation at or near home. It can be a challenge to relax when the dishes need washing, the bathrooms need scrubbing and the car needs an oil change. How do we create a sense of being away from it all when we are not away?

Making time to visit a local attraction, for example, a zoo, the waterfront, a small alpine lake and taking along a sketchbook or a small painting kit is one way to bring a sense of relaxation and getting away from it all.

What strategies do you use to get that away from it all feeling while staying close to home?

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