Julia Cameron’s Exercise – 50 Things

Julia Cameron’s Exercise – 50 Things

Here’s an exercise that Julia Cameron recommends in her book entitled “Walking in this World”. Write down 50 things that your heart loves. Here’s the start of my list. You might want to try it out

1. Autumn Leaves
2. Old trucks
3. Designing jewelry
4. Hearing “thank you”
5. Saying “thank you”
6. Hearing “I love you”
7. Saying “I love you”
8. Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring
9. Puppies
10. Irises blooming in my back yard
11. Swimming until I feel weightless, like flying
12. Rainy day sunsets over the California Coastal Range
13. A fine cabernet sauvignon
14. Janice Clark’s nature photography
15. The National Museum for Women in the Arts
16. Seeing Norman Rockwell’s painting in person
17. Playing the mandolin
18. Writing songs about people I love
19. The scent of new rain on pavement
20. Visiting the Sacramento Delta
21. Sitting by the Trinity River on a warm day
22. The silvery light reflecting off tropical foliage in Hanalei Bay after it has rained
23. The smell of campfire

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