Getting Our Values Right – Another Tool

Getting Our Values Right – Another Tool

As someone who works full time and has to fit art and creativity in on the side, I’m always looking for ways to make my creative process go more quickly. One thing my art instructors have consistently emphasized as important in painting and drawing classes is value. Values are the scale of light to dark. When painting, we are encouraged to start with a value sketch. I try to remember to do this, but when plein air painting, sometimes forget. Doing a value sketch helps us to simplify what we are seeing and experiment with options for what we emphasize. As a plein air painter, I take several reference photos that I can go back to when I get home. I recently discovered an effect filter called Pencil Sketch in Picasa that has great potential for transforming a photograph into a value sketch. I also adjusted the contrast using the Auto Contrast tool. Here are before and after photos that demonstrate how this tool can help you save time. If you know of time saving techniques and tools, I invite you to comment on this post and share them.

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