(Repost) A Great Article on Necklace Lengths

(Repost) A Great Article on Necklace Lengths http://ow.ly/cU8AO

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Repost – Getting a Callback from a Galle

Repost – Getting a Callback from a Gallery

Those of you who are artists may find this useful. Feel free to comment on whether or not you did. http://ow.ly/cU8iW

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Susan Dobson – Extraordinary Vision Susa

Susan Dobson – Extraordinary Vision

Susan Dobson, a Toronto based artist shares her unique vision. It appears that her primary media is photography and she creates art installations and photographs those as well. Her works have been featured in numerous periodicals and has been exhibited worldwide ( Mexico City, Montreal, Vancouver, Spain). She has won numerous art awards.

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Great Resource On Jewelry Styles History

Great Resource On Jewelry Styles History


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Peter Clark’s Incredible Collages

Great art technique that is different.

Nicole Belopotosky

Using found paper as his palette, artist Peter Clark creates intricate three-dimensional collages. He shades with density of print and creates substance and movement with lines plucked from old maps or manuscripts he finds in antique shops. Clark’s pieces are innovative as he utilizes the patterns and textures in a humorous way. Peter focuses much of his expertise on creating dog collage portraits, however his clothing and people portraits are equally incredible. To see more of Peter’s incredible collage sculptures, check out his website where you can purchase his book and original art!

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Art of Journal Writing

Great artlce about journaling,.

as i see it


Perhaps it is something that many of us had done during our younger days or as one of our school assignments. Maybe we have gotten quite older, and some of us felt that it is something that children do, so we felt as if it was necessary to leave it in the memories of our youth, in those old boxes of our childhood memorabilia. I had been thinking about this for the past year, and yes, it really took me a year to realize this. No, the art of journal writing is not dead yet. At least I hope not.

Prior to starting my own blog, I have kept little notebooks or mini-journals. In those small treasures, I’ve kept certain thoughts, verses, or specific quotes that I find beautiful and valuable or applicable in specific aspects of my life. Now, as I sit and look back, leafing through my little…

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Options to throwing it away. http://ow.l

Options to throwing it away. http://ow.ly/bciga

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